6 Facebook Do’s to consider for your Business

Riaan Miles
 August 05, 2015
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1)  Start a conversation:


Everybody has an opinion these days.  Start a conversation.  Ask questions.  Allow your Fans to take part in your posts.  Their opinions are VALUABLE.  Example:  If you are rolling out a new corporate identity.  Ask your fans which logo appeals to them and why.  This can only assist with brand rollout.

2)  Appoint a person to manage your Facebook:

Whether you appoint someone inside or outside your organisation is less important than making sure someone takes the responsibility.  Planning and strategy on what to say and when to say it can be a team effort, but leave the RESPONSIBILITY with a Page/Content Manager to facilitate and manage your Facebook communication.

3)  You are not a robot, neither are you’re Fans: 

Facebook allows you to connect with your Fans on a personal level.  Fans follow your brand because they often find an emotional CONNECTION to it.  Remove the jargon and corporate lingo from your posts.  Stay professional, but be human.  You are having conversations with Fans of your brand after all.  Your Facebook page is not an annual business report.  Chat away... keep it interesting! 

4)  Create a 3 prong approach:

Inform, inspire and educate.  Using pictures and multimedia will assist in creating posts that connect with your audience.  Remember… a picture is worth a thousand words.  Create content that can be shared easily… content that BEGS to be shared.  Don’t be scared of humour!  People will remember you if you make them smile

5)  Ask for feedback:

If you are building an audience for your business you will attract people that has an interest in your company or brand.  Think of them as a focus group.  A mix mash of opinions about your offering.  Ask your Fans for feedback.  Remember to respond to comments and suggestions, your fans are your lifeline.  Communication and RELATIONSHIPS need investment from more than one person.

6)  Budget for Facebook Advertising:

Don’t be scared to spend on Facebook Advertising.  Why not boost a post that is gaining momentum and lots of feedback.  Take that post beyond your current fan base by using the “boost this post” option.  A word of caution though.  Be careful of chasing likes.  Quality is better than quantity.  Tailor your advertising to focus on specific interest groups that will benefit from your Page.  Posts can only go VIRAL if your audience understands what you are saying.  :)



Visit back soon... 6 Facebook Don’ts coming up in a few weeks.  Create your own Facebook Page here now.

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