Step 1

Written notice to current registrar/host

Give your current domain host written notice of your intent to transfer your domain to IT Design.   Also inform them that the domain transfer request will originate from

Notice period required:

Review your contract with your current host.

Step 2

Email us your current settings:

Email us the following information to setup your services on our server:

  • Written notification that your domain is ready for release from your current host. 
  • All the information regarding active email accounts on the current server.  This includes every email address with its password.
  • Your hosting control panel information (available from your current host).

Period Required:

A minimum of 15 working days before transfer.

Step 3

IT Design server settings:

Keep an eye out for an email with our server's settings.   You can print this email for easy access as you may need to update some email account settings after transfer has completed. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Do not change email settings before the transfer and propagation period in step 4 and 5 has been completed.

When will we send this info?

This information will be emailed before domain transfer.

Step 4

Transfer request/authority

We will send a request to transfer your domain (

At least one party (the registered owner or current host) receiving the request must approve/accept it within 24 hours to allow transfer.  This transfer is a name update only.  In essence this update gives us approval to transfer your domain to IT Design.  This request will come from

When will you receive this request?

During the month of domain transfer.

Step 5

Domain transfer

We can only transfer your domain to IT Design after transfer request (see step 4) approval.  Domain transfer is normally done on a Friday (at the end of your notice month with the current host) as a break in hosted services, including email, can be experienced during propagation. Propagation is the period when your domain (website address) is moved from one host to another.  


We suggest you send an address book wide email to inform your contacts of the transfer and possible break in email services. All services will be restored after propagation has completed.  

Time Period:

Propagation will take 24-48 hours to complete.

Step 6

Domain transfer in progress

How will you know that we have initiated your domain transfer? 

We will send you an email when the domain transfer is initiated.  Remember not to change any settings during the following 24 - 48 hours while propagation is taking place.  Our email will contain the image shown below.


There is normally only one issue that can occur. Our Server settings might have to be updated on your email account settings of your PC/MAC. If this is the case an error window will popup when you try to send and receive your email after transfer.

How can I resolve the issue?
Use the information emailed to you in STEP 3 to update your email software's (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Incredimail, Mac Mail etc.) settings. You are welcome to contact our offices (041 360-5959 / 041-360 7772) should you need personal assistance.


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