Email Support

Email Support

Learn how to use more Email features below:


Read your mail online

Log into your webmail in 5 easy steps.

You (IT Design clients) can log into your email from any pc/mac that is connected to the internet.  Use Webmail while away on business or pleasure.  You can also use...


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Email Forwarding

Forward a copy of all your incoming email to a third party

You will typically use this facility to send all your incoming mail to another email user while you are away. A very handy tool when you are out of reach for extended periods of time.


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Auto Reply to messages

Pre-formatted reply to all incoming messages while away.

Use this facility to send an automated email reply to any incoming message. This facility can also be used to inform people that you are away or to send an automated response...


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Mailbox Full

Empty or delete unnecessary emails on the mail server.

Each client has a specific hosting plan.  This hosting plan allows for a certain amount of hosting space.  This space is shared by the website and email users for a specific...


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Mailbox Always Full

Look for the applicable solution by following these steps.

Keeping a copy of your incoming mail on the server when using a PC or Mac will eventually cause your mailbox size to exceed the quota.  This is normally a setting in your email...


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Receiving Spam

We have spam/virus filtering available on request.

We have access to an Advanced Spam/Virus Filter to protect clients against attacks. The system is intelligent and will use an algorithm to create a legitimate email database.


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