Do you need more extreme spam/virus filtering?

Note: request this service here before attempting this tutorial.  Xtreme Filtering not available by default.


We have access to an Advanced Spam/Virus Filter to protect clients against damaging phishing, spamming and virus attacks. The system is intelligent and will use an algorithm to create a legitimate email database over a period of time. Legitimate mail caught as spam can be retrieved, don’t panic. This tutorial will show you how. 4 Easy steps and only 55 seconds required.


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We are committed to excellent service and the best possible user experience as always. Please be patient and help us stop spam by teaching our Spam engine what legitimate emails were caught in error.

You have the option to request no filtering against your domain. Please mail our support,, with that request if required and we will be glad to assist asap.


Legitimate email can be retrieved by sending a blank email message to

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