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Johan coetzee - 2019-08-16
Delfinos Restaurant in Mossel Bay now have an awesome Website thanks to IT Design... easy navigation makes it a pleasure for our customers to be on our site and browse for longer. (as proven by our awesome Google analytics stats)

Their service, innovation and commitment to excellence is unsurpassed.. Thanks to Riaan and his team of superstars.
Stephnie Schmidt - 2019-08-14
Riaan is absolutely a master in his craft! From the initial meeting until the finished product, I was super impressed by his listening skills and ability to take my vision and putting it together. He is efficient in what he does and is very responsive to communication. Thanks, Riaan!
Linda Van Blommestein - 2019-08-13
Great service overall!
Nayan Gajjar - 2019-08-07
To be perfectly honest I dont have the words to describe how brilliant Riaan & his team are. They are the best of the best! They assist in every facet of your business making your brand the best of the best!

When you team up with Riaan & the IT design family you can rest assured that they will give you more than the best! In my case I didn't just gain a business partner, I've gained a friendship with Riaan that words cannot describe & become part of the IT design family.

To Riaan & your team a huge thank you from Gaj & team Sizzlers team.
Shephard Dube - 2019-07-08
I am yet to meet a digital marketing firm that gives Priority to a Client like IT Design. They blend in with the company and give you top of the range service. I recommend them 100%.
Thiu Barnard - 2019-06-10

What a fantastic company and group of people to work with. Their efficiency and willingness to help is second to none. They will go out of their way to assist you in anyway needed. I'm nothing but impressed with their quality and speed. Thank you so much to the whole IT Design team! I will recommend you to anyone!
Reiner Swanepoel - 2019-02-28
A big thank you to Riaan, Brandon and the IT Design team for your valuable help and expertise. You've been responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. It has been great working with you, and I hope to work with you again in the future.
Shaun Ward - 2019-02-28
What a pleasure doing business with IT Design! Not only did they meet every expectation but went the extra mile. Service delivery is hard to come by these days, but IT Design delivers every time, on time and super professional. I will recommend them to anybody. Well done team keep up the fantastic work. Shaun - Bradshaw Architects.
Graeme Lategan - 2019-02-28
Simply World Class - This Company do not play games - They dont tell you what you want to hear - Hell if you are easily offended stay away..This team - Riaan and his Team..will blow your thinking out the water...They are worth it..and if you are lucky..they will take you on as a client...yes suggestion right now is whoever you are with...change to IT DESIGN..then wait for the MAGIC...
Mike Nevin - 2019-02-28
The world of on line marketing is the present, but it is changing so fast that no-one who is doing his or her job has the time to keep up. Enter Riaan and the IT Design team. They provide a deeply personalized service that puts your business on-line and keeps it where you want it - right at the top of the advertising space. Highly, highly recommended.
Ilze Bush - 2019-02-28
What makes IT DESIGN the best? They DELIVER.
They don’t just design, they CREATE.

Starting your own business and deciding to go into e-commerce can be a challenge. There are so many companies out there offering the same services and it is difficult to make a choice. So how do you? My advice to anyone starting an e-commerce website, don’t waste your time and go knock on itdesign’s door. From the moment you walk in the focus is on you.

This is truly a company that cares and it is reflected in the quality of their work. Riaan keeps his team on task and they get things done, keeping you informed and up to date every step of the way. They draw you in as the client and make you feel part of the team as their expertise invites conversation. Their dedication to not just create but to drive traffic to your site and convert visitors into customers makes them the best.

You’re e-commerce site will not just be pretty templates, but will reflect you – your business.
If you want results use itdesign. Here is to many more ventures!!!
Dakota Lima - 2019-02-28
I was very pleased with the service I received from IT Design. They created my website, logo, and help set up my email, with ease and speed. I am pleased with my results and have received compliments on my website. I would recommend them to my friends.
Melissa Mortan - 2019-02-28
When you live in Cape Town, but trust a company in PE so much that you prefer to stick with them... Riaan and Brandon, you guys have been awesome. I needed a very specific project done in a very short time and you delivered - as always! Thank you for excellent, professional service of a very high standard. I would recommend anyone to have their website designed by IT Design. Many thanks and well done, Melissa Morton, Psychologist, Cape Town.
Gavin Gouws - 2019-02-28
To Riaan and your super awesome, amazing team !! Thank you for the most professional, efficient service ever experienced. Totally 100% happy from start to finish. A privelage to be associated with IT Design. Always felt your care and professional attitudes. Should have met you guys years ago. But I'm very glad I have now.
Jason Gilbert - 2019-02-28
As a global consultant, I have worked with MANY agencies worldwide - I have NEVER experienced this superior combination of ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY, REPORTING, RESPONSIVENESS, COMMUNICATION, PRICE and above all site + ad PERFORMANCE, RESULTS and ROI! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT Design!
Dr Merran Cooper - 2018-10-08
Riaan and the IT Design team solved all my problems.
They turned a small local service into a global business.
Their ideas actually saved me money.
I knew nothing about IT design when I met them- I still don't.
But I've got a killer website and an awesome online presence.
Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Mark Osborne - 2017-10-11
In today's world, we are living in a global economy. Why would you settle for best in your country, When you can work with the best in the World! With Riaan and his team at IT Design... that is exactly what you get!
Wayne Bolton - 2017-08-08
I believe I have the privilege of being one of IT Designs "oldest" clients - not me personally but our partnership! Riaan and the IT Design team have been consistent over the years in aspects which are important to me: professionalism; partnership; integrity and speed.

IT Design goes beyond a mere menu of service offerings - they have always had the time (and patience I may add) to dedicate themselves to my diverse business needs - and to add a good dose of honest business advice where needed relative to the project at hand and my objectives.They have made a point of understanding my business.

In such a way are partnerships formed.

Alpha Labour Solutions is proud of our association with IT Design and can whole-heartedly recommend them to other businesses.

Wayne Bolton
MD of Alpha Labour Solutions
Trevor Brewer - 2017-07-19
Riaan and his team have made a huge material benefit to our business. This was done through their guidance and input in upgrading our website to what it is today. We focused on creating an educational platform for our products in which someone would purchase it through an e-commerce platform. As a result we saw a 35% increase in our average monthly sales through different e-commerce channels. Complete value for money and exceptionally happy with the outcome and service.
Gus Roome - 2017-07-11
I was referred to IT Design by one of their existing clients. From the outset, I was impressed with the professional approach, found comfort in their expertise and their commitment to produce excellence. IT Design is a business that cares about it's customers.
Petrus van der Merwe - 2017-07-03
I was a client of IT Design from 2008 - 2012. Another agency came to see me and I left for a slightly cheaper rate. The new agency promissed increased traffic and enquiries for less. Sounded like a good deal, but saw a drop off in traffic and enquiries within the first 6 months, this trend keps on growing, my position in Google moved down and my traffic decrease steadily. After 2 years I had enough or empty promisses and returned to IT Design. I am really happy to be back and saw my stats grow even beyond what I use to generate from their website and Adwords products since my return. Their enhanced shop and Google certification is a must for any small business. You will stay visible and you will gain leads. Many leads, all the time. Forget about paying less. Pay the Agency that keeps their promisses and are as serious about your business as you are, call IT Design. These guys know what they are doing and I am happier than ever to be back.
Faraway George - 2017-04-21
Riaan and his team is just awesome! Did an amazing job on my new website!
Bonita Francis - 2017-04-02
Dankie Riaan vir die deeglike opleiding gister en woeps waps, ons training video van gister wat hier by my afgelaai word! Dit voel werklik asof ek uit Noag se ark kom, want die manier hoe julle operate is net op ‘n ander level – wel gedaan. Very professional and efficient.
Melissa Snyman - 2017-04-01
I was first introduced to the IT Design team in 2012 and for the past 5 years it has been an privilege to work with a team of people who are capable, committed and passionate about what they do! If you are in need of excellent service I would recommend IT Design EVERY TIME.
Keep up the good work guys!
#Bay Way
Bruce Mcfadzean - 2017-03-22
Riaan has definitely earned his nickname "Maestro" on my project. Well done Riaan and team. Hasta la vista!!!
Eddie Jacobs - 2017-03-08
Right from the beginning up and until now, I'm impressed and extremely satisfied with the IT Design Team. I will recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you for building my business image.
Werner Holtzhausen - 2017-03-01
Thank you for your valuable input designing our website. Very professional and an awesome team to work with!
Gary Hambury - 2016-11-04
We needed to upgrade our Website and I was tasked to approach companies to pitch ideas to us. IT Design was the first company we met with and subsequently we cancelled the additional companies we were supposed to have met with as from the start it was clear that they where with us for the long hall. The passion and enthusiasm Riaan has flows over into his staff and the work they produced for us, and it was refreshing to see that they were as excited as we were about the future of our business. The knowledge they have about web design enabled them to create a website aimed at our target market making sure we reach the right clients.
If you want to take your business to the next level, contact the team at IT Design.
Gary Hambury - Proficient Property Management (Pty) Ltd
Henrico Jordaan - 2016-09-13
As a sales manager, I am always looking for new ways in which to market our services and expertise to new prospects. It came to my attention that we had to expand our marketing platform in order to achieve this goal. The idea to have a website constructed for our business was born of discussions with other role players in the retail industry, that dealt with the same issues with regards to marketing and brand awareness. IT Design was suggested to me by clients of theirs, who were all very impressed with both their professional service and the brilliant end results in terms of their websites. I then took the time to review IT Design’s work for myself by visiting these websites, and I was thoroughly impressed with what I had seen.

Apart from their excellent capabilities with regards to web design, I knew I had made the right decision in service provider during our first consultation. Their commitment, not only to the task of creating a world class website but to contribute to the overall success of our business stood out to me. They are truly a team who shares your passion for your business, and who displays it in their service and products.

We worked together as a team throughout the entire process, and it was an invaluable learning experience, as you get to work with a team with a wide variety of business-related skills and expertise. Through the consultation and formulation of the website and our brand as a business we shared ideas, reviewed the current manner in which our business operated and discussed the way forward. This truly assisted me in formulating not only clear marketing objectives but overall business objectives.

Through their assistance and professional service delivery, we have now formulated more precise marketing strategies and are able to drive these with the website they have created. IT Design has also helped us to create our own brand and personal identity, which has served as an amazing driver in our business. The final product was beyond our greatest expectations, proving IT Design to be a local business delivering services and products of international standards. Through their hard work, professional service, passion for business and willingness to go the extra mile we at P.E. ICE CREAM CC look forward to the next chapter of our business. And we are happy to have IT Design as our partners going forward.

I want to strongly recommend them to any business, regardless of size, type of business, etc. IT Design will contribute to your business, and they will contribute to your own understanding and skills relating to your business.

Thank you, IT Design.
Lorette Terry - 2016-09-08
Staff at IT Design helped to put my business on the map. Even with professional service as my product, they understood what I wanted and helped me to understand the marketing strategy. They blew me out of the water with my logo design! Personal service at its best.
Eddie Jacobs - 2016-09-08
Excellent work, amazing vision... I was referred to them and already referred them to others even though our journey just begun.

Thanks Eddie
Charne Landman - 2016-09-08
We needed superiority and impact, IT Design's team delivered above that standard. Impossible disappeared the moment our team saw what you had provided them to work with. Thank you for the amazing marketing tools, you exceeded our expectations and we were able to deliver excellence. Deepest gratitude from out whole team.

Thanks Charne
Craig Foord - 2016-09-08
The IT Design team is professional, creative, energetic and extremely good at what they do. They have an experienced team of people that are experts at what they do and their results certainly show that. They have given our business a strong online presence and have rapidly moved us into the number one search position due to effective optimization of search engines and in-depth understanding of Google and its search criteria. Its been a great privilege to work closely with this friendly team of people. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship in the future.

Jan Schiebe - 2016-09-08
Dear Riaan and Team, I must commend you on your highly efficient and professional work ethics. The standard of your work is exceptional and the speed at which you and your Team get things done is mind-blowing. I will certainly recommend you to anyone requiring a professional and reliable company. It has been a pleasure working with you and will certainly make use of your services in the future.

Best regards, Jan
Kevin Neft - 2016-09-08
Quick turn around time, on business cards. Fantastic from start to finish. Pleasure in dealing with such a professional team. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work ethic.

Hannelie Doubell - 2016-04-15
What a privilege to be part of IT Design from day 1. Thank you for always giving your best to help us make Thermascan 2020 the best. Thank you for a very productive business meeting yesterday. It was an oasis experience & very inspirational after a hectic week.
Cobus Cronje - 2016-04-05
It Design built our website which is extremely customer friendly and fast as well... also to maintain. All the work they put in as well as certain aspects done from our side we are currently ranked on the first page in Johannesburg on the category Cafe Chairs. Subsequently, this resulted in an increase of inquiries and business growth. Thank you, It Design for your professional and excellent service so far.
Dr Jan van Wyk - 2016-03-02
This is with reference to my visit to your offices on 25th January regarding my website and the layout and design of required brochures. It is worthwhile to mention that the personnel in your company are very customer centric and professional. I was attended to in a very polite manner and your staff listened to me explaining what I needed very attentively. I was shown various possibilities of what I was actually looking for and that too within my budget.

I must compliment you and your team for offering me a product which I actually need and I must say that I am very much satisfied with the end product and its performance. I will definitely be recommending IT Design to my friends.

Wish you all the best

Dr Jan van Wyk
Nikos End Time Ministry.
Gus Roome - 2016-02-16
I was referred to IT Design by one of their existing clients. From the outset, I was impressed with the professional approach, found comfort in their expertise and their commitment to producing excellence. IT Design is a business that cares about it's customers.

IT Design... consistently going beyond all expectations! #itdesignfans #professional #thebest

MD: Gus Roome Independent Consulting Services (PTY) LTD
Patrick Mureithi - 2015-10-28
First and foremost I was referred to IT design by a previous employee. She recommended IT design because her previous boss had worked with IT design and they were very happy.

The benefits of working with IT design was that there was a lot of help that I needed in the designing of the website and Jaco helped me accomplish this task with ease.

The results have been extremely fulfilling , in that we now have a world class website thanks to Jaco and the IT design team. I would definitely recommend a potential client as I believe IT design is the best in their particular field.

Please pass my sincere gratitude to Riaan and the IT design team really appreciate all you have done.
Anita Lennox - 2015-09-07
I have possibly been a headache client for Riaan - having taken several months to make the decision to come onboard. Factors that influenced my decision were the almost stubborn "This is the way to do it" approach from Riaan which speaks volumes. In a nutshell, he says this is what it should do, contain this and you will have a result. If you don’t like this approach then move on.

The Resort is a complicated animal yet he and his team have managed to capture its spirit in terms of look and feel with the new site.
If you like a professional, no time to waste approach that delivers results then look no further than IT Design.
Ben Burger - 2015-09-02
I am with IT Design for a good few years and they have never failed to deliver. You need marketing, they will give you
the best advice, and a website that suits you and your business. I get most of my photography work from my website, from all over
South Africa. I recommend IT Design to everyone in need of a good website for their business. A website and marketing company
that will put you among the best out their!
Brian Paddey - 2015-03-30
What a brilliant experience dealing with Riaan and his team. If you're in the market for a website, look no further!
They understood exactly what I needed and wanted, even though I wasn't able to explain myself in their techno jargon, and delivered goods...on budget and on time.

Our logo was given a subtle face-lift, even though I didn't believe it was needed, and what a difference it has made.Thanks guys, you rock!

Lorette Terry - 2015-03-17
Riaan and his team did an amazing job re-branding my business, giving my business a clearly professional corporate identity. They understood what I wanted and how my business as company secretarial administration services must be brought across to my current as well as prospective clients.

I always feel that I can ask the 'stupid' questions. Brandon did a fantastic job with my logo design and stationary. I love it. When having it printed, the printing agent I used mentioned that I am one of the few people who seemed genuinely happy with the design.

My website looks great and is generating interest.

An overall good experience.
Thank you again!
Carel Struwig - 2014-09-16
For my first business, I needed a corporate identity, logo's, email signatures, letterhead design, in fact the full package, to launch our new business.

Looking for possible suppliers I decided to go for a company who's own website says it all, If IT Design's website did not catch my eye and inspired me, I would probably have moved on to a competitor without even having experienced this amazingly professional team!

I had a clear vision in mind of a minimalistic and professional corporate identity. IT Design understood my needs and interpreted my ideas absolutely perfect, they managed to display graphically my thoughts and words, this is a gift and I am in awe of your talents.

IT design surpassed all my expectations, I got more than I bargained for. In fact if you compare how many thousands even millions are spend on corporate identities, by large corporates I had no hope, but yet IT design enabled me to present my company as extremely professional and I was proud to present my company on a budget.

For my second venture, they put together a web site, designed brochures, and a lot more in lightning fast speed to help me make a success. This team knows how to prioritize, I believe that every person walking into their offices must feel that they are the most important person in the world!

I would recommend anybody from any company (whether a startup business, or a salted business that needs a modern make over) to put this team to the test, their experience and understanding for what is needed to position your company / business perfectly in this demanding business world cannot be valued enough.

I have made friends in the business world, Thank you Riaan, Brandon, Janus, Kobus, Sonett, Suzanne, Julia and Snuffels for making our life so much beter!
Please never change this formulae, you are a winning team!
Clarice Oelofse - 2014-09-16
Thank you Riaan, Brandon & Team for assisting us with the new brochures and business profile. We love the new look!
Paul Longe - 2014-09-09
I contacted IT Design because my existing website was ranking poorly in Google and was feeling a bit outdated with a poor mobile version. Riaan immediately got the essence of my business and went the extra mile to ensure that I strengthened my online presence through a striking revamped design, strong search engine optimization, and a fabulous responsive site which looks amazing on mobile devices.

It is clear that Riaan and his team love what they do and throughout the process they patiently answered questions and provided so much valuable advice on all aspects of marketing. They worked in a way which allowed me to feel a strong sense of ownership of the process and final product which I can now manage myself using their fabulous and very easy to use Webpro Content Management System.

The new site has taken my practice's online image to the next level and within a matter of days my site was ranking well on Google and generating interest in my services. What a brilliant experience!
Nellis Basson - 2014-09-05
We have been in desperate need to improve our website, but had several failed attempts with web design studios. They either only design, or only do search engine optimisation; or have only a basic understanding of both. We realised that we needed a company that had a strong track record doing both. We nearly made the horrific mistake of once again "just getting something online' due to the frustration with finding a competent design studio in Port Elizabeth.

We conducted interviews with 5 Website Developers" 5 Vendors was handpicked and vetted against their own website designs, ranking in Google and value proposition during interview.

It was definitely a clear cut race from the start. The initial interview was the final evidence, which confirmed my initial instinct. Your website sold your service to us, and your knowledgeable, concise information on the importance of good website content to rank well had us bowled over. We wanted this same result we had while browsing your website from our potential clients.

Your team is extremely professional and the coffee always ready. Thank you for enduring my "signs and wonders". This has been a magnificent project and I have IT Design to thank for that.

Minutes after launching our website and Google Adwords Campaign we received our first lead. Our previous website never generated any traffic" ever. What more could a business ask for? Our site has gathered momentum and new leads are streaming in daily!

Thank you once again, I am definitely recommending you to all businesses out there, who want to make a success of their business.
Janice Giddy - 2014-05-08
I am delighted with IT Design. You are a team that takes initiative and you clearly love what you do. You have so impressed me with your creative work and your ability to interpret what we want from you even though we have difficulty expressing what we want sometimes in words. Well done guys and keep up the superb work! Thank you for creating a great website for Food Chain Laboratories.
Lorna - 2014-01-17
IT Design has always been professional and a pleasure to deal with but I would especially like to commend the support department for always being so helpful and patient in assisting with any hiccups I have had along the way. Thank you very much, your excellent service has been much appreciated.
Celeste - 2013-11-14
Thanks IT Design for a stunning website, great service and friendly people. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks to Marius & Riaan - we appreciate your professionalism and work ethic.
Tania - 2013-10-16
I have received awesome service, right from the very first enquiry I made!
The personal attention and dedication to meeting my business requirements has been excellent and I would recommend IT Design to anyone.
I am so excited about the new look to my site and look forward to a long and rewarding business relationship with you!
Hennie Honiball - 2013-10-10
Wil net dankie se aan maruis en sy span vir die uitstekende diens wat ons ontvang het vir die opstel van ons web blad. Na 2 ouens wat ons gevat het vir n ride en geld vooruit gevra het en net verdwyn het. Iemand het ons toe na IT Design toe verwys en die diens is goed en uiteindelik is ons op lug. Nou kan ons besigheid net groei met IT Design nogmals dankie.
Clarice Oelofse - 2013-09-10
Riaan, Kobus and your team. Your spirit of excellence has left me humbled. Our new site is stunning, and exactly what we wanted. Thank you very much :-)
Lemien de Ridder - 2013-06-24
Being in business for 17 years, and having had my fair share of IT designers and web hosts, I can only say with surety: A more professional and driven team like Riaan and his team, I'm yet to hear off... Thank you very much for the assistance and the great job you did on my new website etc etc etc.

Cosmos Cuisine
Dianne West - 2013-04-08
I would just like to thank Riaan and his team for the fantastic service they have given us over the last few weeks. No problem seems to be too big or too small for IT Design and their response time is brilliant. Well done guys you are going to go far in the business world and if every client is treated the way we have been treated Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates watch out. Thank Guys

Own Haven Housing Association
Marion Marais - 2012-12-11
From our initial consultation with Marius, we were blown away by IT Design's brilliant Webpro product. We all know the saying "If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is!'; IT Design has proven that they are the exception to the rule and their service and turnaround time exceeded our wildest expectations. We gave Riaan an impossible deadline for our own website, and Riaan and his talented team moved mountains to accommodate us and to build our dream website the way we wanted it to be. We can highly recommend IT Design for their cost effectiveness, punctuality, friendliness, professionalism and overall great service experience, and we are definitely looking forward to growing our relationship with them in the future!
Megan Barnard - 2012-12-04
I'm so so happy! Thank you Janus and Marius and the IT Design Team for all your amazing work! I am VERY happy with your service as well as my beautiful website for my salon.

Thank you for your hard work! AND its so easy to use by myself! SO chuffed! Best thing I ever did!
Jana Rademeyer - 2012-11-13
I am passionate about all things well made. Nowadays, products as well as services of value are rare. It was such a pleasure and relief to come across IT Design and their brilliant product, Webpro. From the moment I met Marius Erasmus, Sales Representative of IT Design, my eyes where opened to the possibilities for our company's website and the positive impact it will have on our business.
The IT Design team are serious about every promise made and service explained. It is a great experience to be helped efficiently and quickly whenever you phone. Webpro is amazing and every business will benefit from it.
This is a product well made and a team of people who are passionate and competent in the service they are delivering.
Thank you and congratulations.
Andy Lloyd - 2012-10-18
Thank you so much to the IT Design Team! You have created a website for my business that I absolutly love and am so proud to show off to all my future clients! The team of Marius, Janus and Riaan were fantastic, So professional and patient with us at Trail Africa

I have developed a few websites over the past few years and the experience was always extremely frustrating so you can imagine my surprise when the IT Design team jumped to develop the website so quickly and didnt stop until they and I were happy with the results

I really cant thank you guys enough! I will only ever refer those interested in developing a website to IT Design and judging by the compliments Im receiving on the site I predict you will be getting quiet a few calls very shortly :)
Annelie Oosthuizen - 2012-07-12
Instant results! First week: 2 contracts. Second week: 3 contracts including the largest my business have done to date.
Thank you to Marius and the team!
Karin Beckett - 2012-04-19
This is my second website with IT Design and as always it was a no-fuss process with Web-Pro. Marius and the graphic designers always deliver exactly what I need.
Sash Mitchell - 2012-04-03
All round fantastic service and product by It Design. People do still make a difference and Riaanwith his team surely leads the way in personal and professional service. Thus far our association has only built friendships and sucesses.

With all the interaction created by our website, thanks to you, please dont feel like I am ignoring you - I AM REALLY BUSY!!!!!!!!!!
Marlene van der Berg - 2012-04-02
Môre almal. Wat 'n oulike idee met die "Easter Egg Hunt" Die website is regtig amazing en dit is die eerste keer dat ek deur alles gaan. Julle is 'n span duisend. Dankie vir al die hulp met LeerAfrikaans123. Ek kan soms nie glo hoeveel reaksie ek kry nie en hoeveel mense die "site" besoek nie. Gaan voort met julle wonderlike werk. Mag die Here julle ryklik seën.
Queen Bear - 2012-04-02
Gosh, what a journey it has been to get to the point where i proudly refer one and all to my website. Thank you to each and everyone of you at IT Design for the encouragement, advise and yes, sometimes so much pressure that you drive me to girlie tears! Thank you for having MY best interests at heart and reminding me about the passion that burns so furiously in me.
With a team like IT Design on my side i know that i will succeed.
Wiggle-bum hugs and kisses to all.
Queen Bear
Pee Ess... go check out my website... its really cute!
Andrew Dunn - 2012-03-31
Getting a new computer ....what a mixed-feeling situation! It's said if getting a new car was like getting a new computer, we'd have to learn to drive all over again.....
Just upgraded my computer and needed to urgently set up my email on Tuesday the time I realized I was out of my depth it was 6pm and I had already dialled IT Design. In the middle of leaving a message for Janus to follow-up the next day Wednesday. Riaan intercepted the message short...hand-held me through the process of setting up my email...relieving my stress levels as I had received three complaints by telephone from potential customers who moaned I hadn't responded to their emails!

Whilst I don't plan to abuse the goodness of IT Design and make a habit of attempting to get support outside of normal hours (I'm in business myself and know that there has to be a limit to "client time") it was greatly appreciated that I was able to be helped outide of normal hours.

I've also found WebPro a most successful website tool and although I haven't used all the features due to my own time-shortage, my site works well and I get quality leads...somehow when people search for skylights Port Elizabeth, I'm always on Page one in a google search...something other companies have offered to "arrange" for me at huge cost.....really! Thanks Marius!!!!!!

Thanks Riaan, Marius and Janus....much appreciated!
Lize - 2012-03-27
Who would have thought it possible to create a new corporate logo, brand image & fantastic website in just one month. It's been an absolute pleasure working with such expertise & professionalism. Well done and THANK YOU for everything so far. Riaan you have been an absolute star in this whole process.
Sandra Walker - 2012-02-23
Sandra Walker of Sandra Walker Accounting & Taxation Services

Overwhelmed by how easy this was. Using their product, Webpro, I submitted my info to IT Design who then produced this fantastic website site for me.

Once so embarrassed by how out of touch me and my business were technologically, I now proudly advertise my website on everything and to everybody.

Thank you IT Design, for going beyond and above all my expectations.
Edzani - 2011-09-01
These days, great service is very scarce, but the guys at IT design really know what it means to deliver on their promise. All my queries are sorted out almost immediately, everyone is very friendly and helpful. They designed the most lovely user-friendly website for our company, visit us at Great proffessional service with a smile, that's awesome. keep it up!!!!
Marc Welgemoed - 2011-08-25
Wow!!! What a difference Riaan Miles and IT Design have made in my life!!! They have created the most awesome website from my recording studio - go and check it out at and decide for yourself - which have really elevated my studio to new heights. Apart from that, the services, rendered by IT Design to their clients, are absolutely amazing, very professional and super-efficient! You can trust IT Design with your dreams - they will definitely turn it into reality. Riaan and the rest of the team: keep up the excellent work!!!
Ric Gillmer - 2011-07-05
I recently burned my fingers with so-called IT professionals. In total desperation I crawled the internet looking for website developers that could help me fulfill my dream of having my own unique commercial website. I stumbled upon a company called IT Design and I thought, "couldn’t they be more creative with a name? I made an appointment with IT Design and shared my vision with them. An hour later I walked out of their office, amazed at how quickly they understood what I was looking for. More incredible was the owners enthusiasm when he phoned me the next day and shared how he brainstormed my concept most of the night and the words and ideas just flowed. During the development and design stage, I was kept up to date regularly and after every meeting with the IT Design team, I always walked away knowing that I was dealing with a business that know what they’re talking about and know what they’re doing. The old adage of " you get what you pay for" rung so true. Today, I have a commercially viable, working website and I owe Riaan and his team all the praise they deserve. The humble team under-promised and over-delivered. They offer turn-key service, thus I use IT Design for all my IT and Printing requirements. IT Design . . . The name is justified
Eddie Yates - 2011-06-05
This is the most user friendly web service I have dealt with. The staff are always pleasant and helpful and go more than the extra mile to assist. The set up is simple and basic yet the results are of a highly professional standard. Well done! I will recommend you without hesitation
Mark Doubell - 2011-05-05
It is a honour & privilege to do business with IT design. In a society where service excellence is the exception rather than the rule, it is refreshing to know we can always rely on excellent, friendly and efficient service from the IT Design team. To them you are not just a number & your problem/concern/need is not just another job card. They are definitely a cut above the rest in their field & has assisted my business to soar to new heights. I have total peace of mind knowing that my business is in good hands. The website that they designed for me depicts the professional service that I render & their excellent hosting service ensure that I am always accessible to existing/prospective clients. My company’s slogan is “See your business in a new light”. Why don’t you let IT Design help you & your target market to see your business in a new light as well.
Karen Naude - 2011-04-14
WebPro came into my life, when I needed you most. Acting as my Marketing Manager, Information Manager, Personal Assistant you take no lunch, no leave is there for me 365, 24, 7 to assist me in growing my business. You allow me to change your appearance with the greatest of ease, add and delete without hassle, keeping my clients up to date with the latest specials, information and tips. You have such a patient nature, even I can manage you. For regular browsers, there are always special treatments at great discounts and you my dear Webpro is the best asset in my business. Pity you cannot massage my back, but I forgive you – you take care of most of my office shlep! I have noticed an increase in business – therefore the best choice I have made on the marketing side of my business. Drie huraa’s vir Webpro!

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