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Website Design Workflow

Your first website project with IT Design?

A step by step guide on the process we follow to create your great ranking website.

Website design is a collaborative effort.  We will need your extensive knowledge of your business, product, and competitors.  This knowledge will be applied to the design of your website. 5 Team members will work in tandem to create the best possible online exposure for your business.


The team comprises of:


(Subject/Product Expert)

Creative Dept

(Aesthetics, UI)


(Content Strategy)


(Speed, UX, User Experience)

SEO Expert

(Search optimization)

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Website Consultation

1. Website Consultation

We need to gather some info first.  What do you do?  Who is your client?  What will you Google to find your business online.  Who is your closest competitors?

Email Sent To Client

2. Follow-up E-mail

Now we analyse your information and guide you with direction.  Possible outcomes and templates that will work for your specific offering.

Website Design Guide

HELP! Design Guide

We placed a web design guide here to assist you with gathering the information we require.   

Download here

Website Information Gdrive

3. File Sharing - Google Drive

Compile your info into folders. One document with imges per page in folders.  i.e. Create a folder called home.  Place your home page text with the images for this page into it.


Remember that we are web design experts, but you are the subject/content/business expert. We can't create YOUR website without your content and participation. Tell us what you know and we will share it with the world. WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

Website Information Gdrive2

4. Info provided by Client

Invite us to the Google Drive that contains your information.  Remember to order your info in folders.  Each folder should represent a page, in every folder should be text (Word etc.) and images to be placed on the specific page.

Website Consultation2

5. Clarification

Someone from our team will review your information and communicate any uncertainties or request more info should this be required.  We are here to guide you step by step.  Relax, you are in good hands.

Quote For Website

6. Quote sent to client

Your Quote is based on all the information we have on hand.  Be as compehensive as possible.  Remember, your site cannot be developed by any agency without your content.  You are the subject expert.

Website Quote Signed

7. Signed quote returned

Sign and return our proposal as soon as you are ready to proceed.  Lead time is calculated later.  At this point we need your info for billing purposes only.

50 Invoice Website

8. 50% Deposit invoice

We require a 50 % deposit before we launch your project.  This is the norm with professional agencies.  An invoice will follow your signed proposal.

Website Design Deal

9. The Project is Launched

Once we have all your website content, your signed quotation and your 50% deposit the project can start.  Lead time is calculated from the next day... day 1.

Website Project Start

10. Website Design Phase

Your content will now move through our Creative, Marketing, Technical & SEO Departments.  We will keep you updated and request clarification or assistance as needed.

Website Proof Icon

11. Project Approval

Your completed project will be launched on a temporary link for your viewing and approval.  This link allow you to interact with your completed project before we launch it online.

Website Go Ahead Recieved

12. Go Ahead received

You are now invited to collaborate with us on any tweaks or changes that need to be implemented before you provide your final approval.  Edits during this phase are normally small and implemented speedily.

100 Invoice Website

13. Final invoice sent

Almost there.  After final approval we will invoice any outstanding ammounts agaist the project .  After payment your website will be launched on its very own personalised domain.

Website Launch

14. Hosting & Liftoff!!!

You now choose a hosting option that suits your project and company.  We have several options available to choose from.  Complete our hosting documentation and we are ready to launch your website online.

Website Seo For Process Page Orb

15. SEO

Our SEO Department will now finalise Online Search Engine Optimization. Google will then begin the indexing (placing your website in the Google SERP). This process can take up to 12-16 weeks before you find your footing in Google Search.  Download critical SEO Factors here.

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