We have extreme spam/virus filtering available on request.

Please read these Terms & Conditions before requesting this service.


  • Using Extreme Spam filtering will require time and patience from users until the algorithm can recognise all legitimate senders.
  • The filter is applied to the domain.  All email users on that specified domain will be affected by the filter.
  • Some valid emails breaking spam rules, may be caught in the filter.  These emails can be retrieved within 48 hours by following the instructions available here.
  • The service is free without telephonic support.
  • Should you require telephonic support your hosting will be increased with an additional R59.00 (x-vat) per month.
  • IT Design takes no responsibility for any legitimate mail rejected by this service or lost.  Remember that users can retrieve blocked mail within 48 hours.
  • This is a value-added service and can be discontinued at any time without any prior notification.
  • Keep in mind that normal spam filtering (SpamAssassin) is still active on your account.  This filter is included on your current hosting.  
  • Extreme Spam Filtering is licensed by IT Design and a free service.  Payment is charged monthly for access to telephonic support only.


Please send a request for Extreme Spam Filtering activation by completing and submitting "Xtreme Spam Filtering Request" form.  Submitting this form will serve as acknowledgement and acceptance of these usage terms and conditions on this page.

Xtreme Spam Filtering Request

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