Webmail (Access your email from anywhere in the world)

Log into your webmail in 5 easy steps. Webmail is safe and secure. Your email, like Gmail.

You (IT Design clients) can log into your email from any pc/mac that is connected to the internet.  Use Webmail while away on business or pleasure.  You can also use this method to view your email should you experience any email difficulty from you own pc.  

Step 1

Go to any pc that has an active internet connection.

Step 2

Open any web browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Step 3

Go to the following link:



Step 4

This popup window will appear. Type your email address in the "User name" field and type your email address password in the"Password" field. Now press enter or click on "Log in" to enter the Webmail interface.

You can find this information on your activation certificate.  Feel free to request (in writing) your email login information from support@itdesign.co.za.  Take note:  As a security measure email login information will only be released to contract owners. 


Step 5

IT Design provides 3 different Webmail interfaces.  We recommend Roundcube for its user-friendly interface and modern design.  


Click on the "Roundcube" icon to view your mailbox.  You can read, send and reply to email from this area.


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